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Legal Information:
Bernhard Wurm
Stifterstr 4A
4160 Aigen-Schlägl



Terms of Use

Actually we can't garantuee the full and correct functionality of the system.
If you have troubles. Please contact us.



We keep your privacy as high as possible.
We don't store any personal data of users. Of course the IP address of the computer of the user will be visible to the server. To avoid brute force attacks etc. we are logging the ip address for less than 7 days and will only be viewed by engineers in case of emergancy. Anonymized statistical usage data ist stored like the device type (desktop or mobile), the amount of files and file sizes transfered and the speed of the file transfer. All other data is stored only local on the device that uses the application. The server is located in Austria / European Union. The same rules belong to the relay-server that is used for relaying data transfer if no direct connection between the hosts can be established. This server also doesn't store any data.