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We want to give the privacy in web to the users back!

Stop being watched!

We don't be watched all day by multiple viewers. God is watching you, google is watching you, facebook is watching you the goverment is watching you. We believe, that god is enough. We want to give the privacy in web the users back.
To give the web the privacy back it mustn't be centralized so that most services are hosted by a couple of companies. It need to be a democraticed network - a peer-to-peer network. Where computers simply connect to each other.
There are several technologies that doesn't make that as simple as it should be: in the center is the network address translation (NAT) and firewalls that doesn't allow to connect to a computer within a network.

Simply send files

We believe that the best way to share files between two people is direct without anyone in the middle that stores, analysis or interpret files.
Why shall we upload a file to a server in a foreign country just for someone else to download it from there when we simply can transfer the files simply between this two devices?
That is it what we want to achieve with the WaveNet8 technologies.

Future WaveNet8 Technologies

The WaveNet8 technology allows to connect peers although they're using firewalls and NAT.
We connect and encrypt per default with encryption. We don't use centralized user accounts - so that your data keeps private.
But our technology will enable several efficient ways to:

  • Route and keep your data within the own country
  • Direct connection or route throw different hops to keep your network address private.
  • Common filestore of multiple community members.

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