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Is it always direct? Is it always direct?

Direct is the best way to do

The best way to transfer data between two devices is directly without any man in the middle. The benefits are that the data isn’t stored somewhere else where you simply don’t know what they do with it. Is it kept private there? What if there is a hacker attack on this storage? Do you really want to share your private data with any unknown person? Obviously not. So that’s the reason why WaveNet8 sends data directly between two devices as often as possible!

Why it can’t be always direct?

For the best usability we don’t require any special configuration on any device. The drawback is that sometimes we can’t establish a direct connection between two devices. This has mostly two reasons: the firewall configuration or more often a multi-layer-NAT architecture of the internet provider. In this case the internet traffic is uses a shortcut within the providers network what is great but it disables the possibility for a direct connection. In this case we do it a little different.

Relay instead of store

We don’t store your data our servers if you don’t want us to do so. But if we can’t establish a direct connection between two devices we are going to relay the data through a server (without storing them). This relay ist technically the only way in such case we can do.

How do I know if it’s direct or relayed?

WaveNet8 is showing you with two different symbol if the traffic will be sent direct or will be relayed. If you see the world at a device it must be relayed. If you see the WLAN-Symbol it can be sent directly.


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