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A Guide for WaveNet8 Send A Guide for WaveNet8 Send

Quickstart guide

Start Assistant

To start the assistant you can click the (i) on the left top of the page.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.

On the page you see after opening the website, you have to chose if you want to join a partner or invite one.

  • On the left side you can see your session id, that you can share to invite partners.
  • On the right side you can see an input field to enter an id you have received from your partner. If you clicked the link your partner sent you, this will not be needed.

Join a partner

To join a session you can either click the link your partner has provided or enter the id in the given input.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.

Invite a partner

To invite a partner to your session you must share the id with your partner. Either by providing the id or using the symbols right beside the input field.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.

We are conneted, now what?

After your partners have connected to you using your invitation. You can beginn sharing files, either by drag and drop or by clicking on the text “Choose a file or drag it here”. If you are finished you can either close the page or kick a singel are all connected partners by pressing the X. The names displayed are automatically generated nicknames. The partner can change them but is not required to.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send with connected partners.

Joined a partner, what now?

To change the randomly assigned nickname just enter a new one. You may not see the “Choose a file or drag it here.” if so, the partner has blocked you from sending files. If it is present you can send files by drag and drop or clicking on the text.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.

Become an Expert

Access to your Micropone

Some browser, especially on IOS, require a website to ask for access to your microphone. It does work without this access, but local webrtc candidates are not allways gathered. This may lead to a slower and not always direct connection. This depends on the OS you use and in which browser you opened the website. This is done to prefent leaking local ip address, if you would like to know more, you can read the ietf draft concerning this issue. https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-ietf-rtcweb-ip-handling-09


Direct Connection

If you see a symbol with a wlan symbol, it means that you and your partner are connected directly.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.

Connection using our TURN Server

If you see a symbol with a globe, a direct connection could not be established, you are corrected using a TURN-Server.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.


If you would like two know more about WebRTC you chan check the Mozilla documentation.



If you have been using WaveNet8 Send you might have asked your self what these settings do.

Image of the main page of Wavenet8 Send.
  • Receive Files

    If you set this setting to true partners connected to you can send files, if it is disabled partners may not send files.

  • Send On Connect

    If you set this setting to true files shared with you partners will be sent to all newly connected clients automatically.

  • Auto Transfer Files

    If you set this setting to true files will be transfered automatically withou the need to click on the file.

  • Enable Notifications

    We recomend enabeling notification, you will be informed if a partner tries to connect to a session or if a session reopens.

  • Provide Statistics

    We do not collect data about the type of file you share or its content. We do also not include your ip address or any other information regarding your person. No single transfer is stored but the sum of data, files, duration, etc. sent over one day. If you do not wish to provide these minimalistic statistics you can deactivate this option. Please share these statistics, it will immensely help us to improve our products and fulfill our vision of a democratized, decentralised and private internet.

Found a Bug?

Only with your help can we provide the best customer experience. Please report this bug in Discord or write us an email, we will try to address the issue as fast as possible. The same applies for spelling, grammer or other mistaks ;) Thanks!

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