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What's the speed limit? What's the speed limit?

What limits the transfer speed?

There are multiple players in the game of speed. There is the upload-speed of the sender and also the download-speed of the receiver. It depends on the currently available speed for the device. Mostly the download-speed is much more than the upload speed. So if your internet connectivity allows you for example 100Mb/s download (thats 12.5MB/s) the upload is mostly a fraction of that e.g. 20Mb/s (2.5MB/s). The pit point the speed is that the weakest element in the chain defines the speed for all. So although if you have a great download on files from servers in the internet don’t forget that on a direct transfer between two hosts one needs to upload it.

But why feel others faster?

It can be that systems that store data on the server and don’t allow direct sending feels faster. But this is only because you only see one direction and this is mostly the download. Someone else need to upload it first and this time you simply don’t recognise.


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